CommandButtons- Execute commands when you click on blocks (buttons/signs)! 2.0.0

A plugin that allows you to bind commands to blocks! Add costs, delays, custom permissions, + more!

  1. Demeng7215
    A plugin that allows you to bind commands to blocks!
    CommandButtons is an extremely easy-to-use and customizable plugin that allows servers to execute multiple custom commands when players click specific blocks. For example, you can use this is parkour- when a player completes the parkour, they can click a command button to receive their rewards! There are many features (see below) such as setting delays in commands, custom permissions for each button, set prices of buttons, and much more. Download this plugin today!

    Simple, easy-to-use, and lightweight.
    CommandButtons can be set up with just a few commands and clicks.
    It is also lightweight, so it doesn't take a ton of space on your server or
    make it lag.
    CommandButtons is very customizable, which means you can change
    it works and functions. You can change the messages it sends in the
    configuration file, so if you want to change the messages to Spanish,
    French, Chinese, German, or another language, it's possible! You might
    also want to change the messages if you don't like the default colours of
    the messages.
    Unlimited commands.
    You can set an infinite amount of commands to a command button!
    Pay for clicks.
    You can charge players in-game currency to click a button! Great for
    prison servers because you can charge players money to level up and
    go to the next mine.
    Unique permissions.
    You can earn money for your server with CommandButtons! Reward
    users for donating to your server by giving them a customizable
    permission node to a command button.
    Make players wait a customizable amount of seconds before executing
    the set commands.
    Player and console commands.
    You can set commands that are to be executed by players and
    commands that should be executed by console. There is also a player
    name placeholder!
    Custom blocks.
    By default, you can only set commands to signs and buttons. However,
    you can also whitelist more blocks in the configuration file so you can set
    commands to diamond ores, obsidian, gold blocks... whatever!
    Reload command.
    CommandButtons comes with a reload command so you don't have to
    restart your server every time you change something in the config or
    Update notifications.
    Get notified when there is a new update! Don't miss out on epic
    additions, important bug fixes, and pesky error removals!
    Open-sourced and free.
    CommandButtons is open-sourced, so developers can fork the project
    and make their own modifications to the plugin and others can learn
    from the code. But remember, you can always contact me if you want
    something tweaked in the plugin because the tweak may be beneficial for
    everyone! CommandButtons is also free, and will always stay free as
    long as you guys keep on supporting me by downloading, liking, and
    reviewing this resource! If you want to support me even more, please

    1) Download the plugin from this page.
    2) Download Vault and an economy plugin (like Essentials).
    3) Drag the .jar files to your /plugins folder.
    4) Start your server.
    5) A folder name CommandButtons will generate in the /plugins folder of
    your server. Open the config.yml inside the CommandButtons folder
    and configure the plugin. (Optional)
    6) Log on to your Minecraft server and place a block that can be used as a
    command button (look inside config.yml if you don't know what blocks
    you can use).
    7) Look at the block and put your + on the block.

    8) Type `/cb create <button name>`. Replace <button name> with a
    random one-word identification/nickname for your command button.
    9) After successfully creating the command button, go to the storage.yml
    file in the CommandButtons folder inside /plugins and configure the
    button (add commands, set price, etc.).
    10) Once you are done, reload the files with the `/cb reload` command.
    11) Enjoy the command button!

    • Java 8
    • Spigot 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, or 1.12.x. PaperSpigot works as well.
    • Vault
    • An economy plugin like iConomy or Essentials.

    Permission: None
    Aliases: /cb, /cmdbuttons, /cbutton...
    Displays plugin information. (MAIN COMMAND)

    /commandbuttons create <button name>
    Permission: commandbuttons.create
    Create a command button with the given name.

    /commandbuttons reload
    Permission: commandbuttons.reload
    Reload the config.yml and storage.yml.

    Coming soon...

    prefix: "&8[&6CommandButtons&8] "
    # The message that will be sent when the player does not have permission to run a command:
    no_permission: "&eYou do not have sufficient permission to execute this command."
    # The message that will be sent when the plugin's config.yml has been successfully reloaded:
    reloaded: "&eFiles have been reloaded."
    # The message that will be sent if the console attempts to run a command that can only be ran in-game by players:
    console: "&eYou must be a player to execute that command."
    # The message that will be sent if the player tries to make a block a command button but:
    # - They are not looking at a block.
    # - The block they are looking at cannot be a command button.
    incorrect_material: "&eYou must be looking at an enabled command button block!"
    # The message that will be sent if a player attempts to make a block a command button but it already is one:
    button_exists: "&eA command button already exists at your location."
    # The message that will be sent when the player successfully creates a command button! :D
    button_created: "&eSuccessfully created command button. Go to &7storage.yml &eto customize/add commands!"
    # The message that will be sent if a player attempts to use a command button that costs money, but they don't have enough money.
    # You can use the %cost% placeholder for the amount of money the button costs.
    insufficient_funds: "&eYou do not have enough money! Button cost: &7%cost%"
    # A list of blocks that can be used as command buttons. MAKE SURE THEY ARE ACTUALLY BLOCKS!!! (Not items like swords)
    # List of materials (you need to figure out if they are blocks or not :D):
      - "WOOD_BUTTON"
      - "STONE_BUTTON"
      - "SIGN_POST"
      - "WALL_SIGN"
    # Here is an example of a command button:
    # The ID (name) of the button:
      # Where the button is (world:x:y:z):
      location: "world:0:50:0"
      # How much this button costs (0 = free):
      cost: 50
      # The delay (in seconds) before the commands are executed after the command button has been clicked:
      delay: 1
      # A list of commands the button should run (without the /), if you don't want any commands to be run just put "none" as the command:
        # Commands that the player who clicked the button should run:
          - "me has executed this command with a command button!"
        # Commands that the console should run (use %player% for the player's name):
          - "say %player% just used a command button!"
          - "minecraft:give %player% minecraft:diamond 64"
      # The permission required to use this command button:
      permission: "commandbuttons.button.a-random-permission"

    Please DO NOT use the reviews section for support! If you need support, ask in the Discussions section or Private Message me (Demeng7215)!

    Support stepping on pressure plates.
    • Support different types of clicks, currently only right-click (right-click/left-
    • Allow different types of buttons, currently only unlimited (unlimited
    usages, once per player, once per server, etc.)
    • Send customizable messages to the player/the entire server when a
    command button is pushed.

    None! :D