CustomGlobalHealth 1.0.1

Edit the amount of hearts easily!

  1. Norska
    CGlobalHealth is a handy tool that can be used by server admins to quickly change the default amount of hearts players have. The plugin features a system that makes it easier to set the custom hearts amount. For example:

    /globalhealth set 10 - Will set the hearts to 10 and not 5 like other plugins work.
    /globalhealth set 20 - Will set the hearts to 20 and not 10 and so on . . .

    Furthermore, the heart updates are dynamic meaning no relogging is required. You can change the amount of hearts via the config.yml or in-game commands for ease!

    Command Aliases:
    /cgh, /globalhealth

    ➤ /globalhealth - Hub Command!
    ➤ /globalhealth version - View the plugin's version!
    ➤ /globalhealth reload - Reload the plugin!

    ➤ /globalhealth set [positive number] (fill) - Change default amount of hearts!
    * [positive number] = required
    * (fill) = optional. Fill , will fill up the health of the players once the amount of hearts has changed!

    ➤ customglobalhealth.use - (Permission to use all commands)