Hypixel EXP Script // MC Chat Client 1.0


  1. Potato
    Simple script for the MC Chat Client that will farm exp on Hypixel by automatically tipping users every x amount of time. You're required to manually download the Minecraft Console Client from here. After that, drag all the files from this resource into the original Minecraft Console Client folder, edit MinecraftClient.ini and just run either MinecraftClient.exe or MinecraftClientGUI.exe. This software connects you to a server without the need to open the game. Furthermore, if you'd like to run this software on every pc boot just drag a shortcut of MinecraftClient.exe in your shell:startup folder (Windows).


Recent Reviews

  1. Skydiving
    Version: 1.0
    Quite interesting resource works flawlessly. I suggest making your code more solid as unexpected disconnections occur on some (rare) occasions.