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  1. James F.

    LuxorSetups Configurations
    Hello MCL Members, here is one of our teams extremely HQ and well organised configurations. This configuration consists of three main colored themes that fit any server and any game mode. This configuration was designed by James F. CEO of LuxorSetups. Make sure to leave a review if you enjoy this resource!

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Recent Reviews

  1. bzigus
    Version: 1.0
    Hey, could you do teleports too? Also group manager? Yes no?
    1. James F.
      Author's Response
      I can edit teleportation messages, I am not experienced in group manager. I can do permissionsex but it would be a private resource due to the fact that if you wanted it the configuration would have to be for your specific groups not a group amount for everyone like my previous resources where I can just put ServerName, groups are more specific.