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    Xlee,s Steam Key Shop

    What are steam keys?
    Steam keys are prepaid steam games that you can
    redeem to your steam account.

    100-Random paid steam games - 8$
    200-Random paid steam games - 14$

    The random steam keys will give you a completly random paid game on the
    steam store. When buying a HQ, you get a guaranteed HQ key (Top selling games on steam) and if you already had the game, you can ask for a replacement or re-sell the key.

    High Quality keys (HQ):
    1 Key - 9$
    5 keys - 40$
    10 Keys - 70$
    100 keys - 600$

    CS:GO, Gta 5, Witcher 3 : Game of the year edition, PUBG, Rust,
    Payday 2: Ultimate Edition, Garry,s mod, Gold rush : The game,
    Fallout and Skyrim are just examples of games you can get
    from the HQ keys.

    Full list;

    I got a shitty game from a HQ key!?
    If you buy a HQ key and get a shitty game,
    please send me a message on discord, and i will give
    you a new key.

    What if i already own a game i buy a key for?

    If thats the case, just send me a message on
    discord and i will happily replace it with a new key.

    The key/keys i bought doesnt work?
    If the keys i provide doesnt work, please send me a
    message on discord and we can solve
    the problem. Either i give you new keys, or i will
    refund the whole payment. Non working keys
    in the random key bundles are not replaced.
    The non working keys percentage is as low as around 2%.
    If you get under 90% working keys ill replace them.

    My discord is Nikkcom#9800

    - Buyers always goes first, or with a trusted middleman.
    - No refunds with exceptions. Dm me on discord if so.
    - All of the payments must be made through F&F (Family & Friends)
    - Any sort of chargeback will instantly result in a scam report being filled out
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  2. Lex

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    Admin Post
    Is there a chance to get a duplicate key when you buy the 100, 200 random keys?
  3. Xlee

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    If you buy the 200 or 100 key bundle, then buy another 100 or 200 keys you may get duplicates.
    If you buy only 100 or 200 keys, there is no duplicates.
  4. Erik

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    Can i get HQ games from 200 keys?
  5. Xlee

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    The random keys that are bought in 100 or 200 bundles are games in the price range of 0.99$ to 6$

    HQ games as Gta 5, Witcher 3, pubg etc. is a higher price range.
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