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    Xlee,s Youtube Booster♛ CLOSED

    IM currently unavaible to do these services, im trying to get it fixed

    Up to 5'000'000 views : $2/1'000 views
    Up to 1'000'000 views : $2.5/1'000 views (60 days Refill)

    Up to 1'000'000 monetizable views : $3.5/1'000 views (Will never drop)

    Up to 5'000 likes : $4/1'000 likes
    Up to 400'000 likes : $4.5/1'000 likes

    Up to 500'000 subscribers : $38/1'000 subscribers

    Doing larger deals, and the prices are negotiable. Dm me on discord.

    Discord: Nikkcom#9800

    - Buyers always goes first, or with a trusted middleman.
    - No refunds with exceptions. Dm me on discord if so.
    - All of the payments must be made through F&F (Family & Friends)
    - Any sort of chargeback will instantly result in a scam report being filled out
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.