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    The Minecraft Lobby aka MCL is a website/forum/community founded on February 13th, 2018. MCL is a marketplace where users can sell virtual goods such as resources, advertise their services, discuss with other users, trade their goods and more. By joining MCL and using its services, you automatically agree to all of the rules listed down below.

    Our goal is to provide a friendly, positive and respective forum/platform that everyone can feel comfortable participating in. Inappropriate content, bad behavior and in general negativity should not be part of MCL. Failure to comply with any of the rules may lead to partial or complete restriction of access to the forums and every other service MCL offers.


    1. Reaction System Abuse
    1.1 Do not use reputation, reactions, likes as a form of payment.
    1.2 Do not ask for reputation, reactions, likes.
    1.3 Do not abuse the reputation system.
    1.3.1 Do not ask friends/relatives for fake reputation, reactions.
    1.3.2 Do not spam other users with reactions, likes etc.
    1.3.3 Do not submit fake (negative) reputation for personal reasons.
    1.4 Do not ask staff for "Approved", "Staff Gem" reactions.

    2. User Rules
    2.1 Do not impersonate any other user or staff member.
    2.2 Do not create multiple accounts (Business Accounts are excluded).
    2.3 Do not spam other users (Profile Posts, Convos, Threads etc.)
    2.4 Do not excessively disrespect other users.
    2.5 Do not post threads in the wrong categories/sections.
    2.6 Do not post big images (May be removed without notice).
    2.7 Do not post any horror/gore/pornographic imagery.
    2.8 Do not post racist/homophobic/political content.
    2.9 Do not use avatars that break rule 2.7 and rule 2.8
    2.10 Do not post images that are flashy, may cause epileptic seizures.
    2.11 Do not post someone's personal information.
    2.12 Do not spam resources, threads, posts etc.
    2.13 Do not use ADFly or any other similar links.
    2.14 Do not discuss, promote, advertise services that are similar to MCL.
    2.15 Do not fuel or start riots.
    2.16 Do not use names that may be considered offensive.
    2.17 Do not post content that targets a specific user.
    2.18 Do not go against staff members.
    2.18.1 If you believe that you're being wronged, contact management with valid proof.

    3. Resource Rules
    3.1 You may only post premium (paid) resources if you're VIP, VIP+ ranked.
    3.2 Do not use ADFly or any other similar links when submitting resources.
    3.3 Do not link resource download links to other similar services such as MCL.
    3.4 Do not ask/force for positive reviews.
    3.5 Do not post resources that you don't exclusively own.
    3.6 Do not post leaked/pirated resources.
    3.7 Do not post resources that are malicious/harmful towards users.
    3.7.1 It is suggested to scan resources before use by using this tool.
    3.7.2 You're allowed to post client crashers, auto-clickers and so on.
    3.8 Do not post heavily obfuscated resources.
    3.8.1 If you would like heavy obfuscation, please contact Lex
    3.9 You must disclose all of your resource's terms.
    3.9.1 You must mention that your resource is licensed.
    3.9.2 You must mention that your resource may not work offline.
    3.9.3 You must mention that your resource saves information for anti-leaking.
    3.9.4 You must mention that your resource is in alpha or beta.
    3.10 Do not post resources that are buggy/harmful to servers and the user's experience.

    4. Trade Rules
    4.1 Do not scam other users.
    4.1.1 It is suggested to use MCL's official middleman system which can be found here!
    4.1.2 Users that are found scamming, will be permanently banned from MCL.

    5. Notes
    5.1 MCL may any of your content without previous notice.
    5.2 MCL may restrict your account without previous notice.
    5.3 MCL's Middlemen may deny your request without providing a reason.
    5.4 All of the above rule may change without previous notice.
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