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    Quest is a newly created Service providing Team, that will thrive, and not fall like the others, by securing proper management, constant updates weather its bot updates, advertisements changes, any many more future plans.

    Quest is owned by Strafe and managed by
    Edgeless#7364 as our Lead Director (COO)
    Repub#7479 as our VP of Sales
    and @V3Edge as our Public Relations & Human Resources Officer.

    We are looking for decently reputable Sales Representatives to help get our name out there, and help us thrive as a team.
    Sales Representatives must meet a few requirements we have set;

    • Must be at least 14 years of age
    • Must be polite, mature and open to friendly criticism.
    • Must be active, and doing your job, at least 2-3 hours daily. (Not required, but expected)
    • Must speak fluent English
    • Must NOT be working in any other companies as a Sales Representative

    If you meet this requirements set, please feel free to contact us on Discord;

    With hard work and your ethics, you will receive 10% of each commission that is brought in, can go up to 15%.

    Have any further questions?
    Feel free to ask them below, or DM us on Discord;
    or MCM Strafe

    Any sort of disrespect towards Quest or myself will not be tolerated and reported on site.
    Yes, I know people don't like these "Service Teams", but we aren't gonna be like the rest of them, that fail after 2 weeks.