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    Discount Codes:
    BUDGET20 for 20% off Budget
    NORMAL15 for 15% off Normal
    PREMIUM10 for 10% off Premium
    WEB5 for 5% off Web Hosting
    GAME20 for 20% off Game Hosting
    Other announcements: Europe is now released! $1/GB!

    Premium (1 location)
    o) Dallas, TX:
    ---> GGA:
    Normal (2 locations)
    o) Los Angeles, CA:
    o) Dallas, TX:
    ---> GGA:
    Budget (2 locations)
    o) Dallas, TX:
    ---> GGA:
    o) Rye, NY: Coming soon...
    "I bought a UHC server and it's amazing! A very cheap price too."
    - HearthRob

    "Sparked Host has surprised me with their great support, and fast response to setup. They've got helpful staff and great customer service, and their hardware keeps my servers running fast!"
    - SkyForge

    "Amazing server, I have experienced no lag when hosting UHC matches, and excellent customer support. Definitely re-newing my server next month!"
    - amhappy/Brock

    "Sparked Host is great and has fast support!"
    - Disqeto

    "SparkedHost is great, very little lag and great support. I would recommend."
    - CheeseJamez

    "Very good hosting nothing of lag, Good ping, Good service, If you have a question they answer it fast"
    - Uranios

    "Got my server hosting from Sparked Host, so far their support [and] services awesome, their customer support is probably the best out there"
    - AwakenFiery

    "Love them, great servers, friendly staff and very fast support team!"
    - ZeroState

    "Huge Vouch! I've tried many hosting companies but this one is by far, the absolute best. You could pay $1/gb at other hosts but this host really deserves the $2.50 for the much better and high quality server equipment!"
    - iLordRazor

    "Vouch for Sparked Host, amazing servers
    - Axel Pereira

    "Perfect Server Host got good TPS and GREAT PING and amazing support"
    - sdog1000

    "It was cheap and affordable, set up correctly<br>and was not a waste of time, 10/10 would recommend buying"
    - Justin/Dragon

    "I love the hosting they have an amazing community and staff is really responsive. The hardware for there servers and prices are just simply the best I've ever seen. I would recommend anyone to SparkedHost that wants to host a server. Great job and keep the great work!" - BlazinNova

    "It really is one of the best host, with the best prices I've seen. They have an incredible support, Good job, they have a very friendly staff" - iKulmer

    "I bought a 1GB Server from them to test, and it was the best I have seen. I have gone over dozens of hosts from MCPH to Ramshard to Netherbox and PebbleHost. Out of all the ones I have seen, these guys are truely 10/10. I did jduffy's cow lag test and it got 91,000 cows before crashing (with only 1GB) while most hosts average at 72,000. ★★★★★ 5 stars. (Not to mention that it only cost me $1.50)"
    - Devin F
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    Vouch, seems like a reputable company!